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Choose Telehandler Hire for dependable telehandler hire in the UK. We have a selection of JCB telescopic handlers for demanding operations in all terrains.

We have a large selection of telehandlers for lease at Telehandler Hire, ranging in lift height from 4m to 20m.

Among our collection are telescopic handlers from brands such as JCB, which are recognised for their exceptional fuel efficiency and superior performance.

We have a large fleet of highly manoeuvrable telehandlers capable of performing the most difficult work in the most difficult terrains.

These are built to last and provide ideal mobility without jeopardising the operator’s safety. They also come in a variety of lift heights, weight capacities, and reach levels.

Whether you are working on house building or something else, we have got the JCB for you!

If you are interested in hiring telescopic handlers such as the JCB 535 95, get in touch with us today.

We have a huge range of suitable machines available for hire, and our team will be happy to help you with any questions about our fleet that you might have.

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What is a 10m Telehandler?

The telehandler, sometimes known as a telescopic handler, is a very versatile machine. It is a telescopic forklift that can lift cargo and alter its maximum reach and lift height by extending or retracting its telescopic arms.

Telehandlers, also known as lulls, teleporters, reach forklifts or zoom booms, are commonly utilised in agricultural and house-building work.

A telehandler’s primary function is to hoist pallets, with the capacity to hang loads with a chain or relocate big items to regions that would otherwise be impossible for the operator to reach.

10-metre telehandlers are the smallest machines equipped with self-levelling stabilisers, which increases lifting safety greatly. They have a lift height of 10.2m and a forward reach of 6.8m with stabilisers extended.

Furthermore, the low boom line improves visibility when moving. There are many accessories available for these machines, including optional forks, JIBs, buckets, and shovels.

These capabilities and qualities make them one of the most popular telehandlers, with applications ranging from low to mid-level construction and industrial operations.

10m Telehandler Hire Cost

The cost of hiring a telehandler is generally presented in one-week instalments (inclusive of VAT).

A week should be enough to deal with most challenges of a job, although for larger jobs, you might need a longer hire period.

There is no single set price for hiring a telehandler. This is because several different factors can affect the costs.

As with any machinery hire, trade customers in the construction sector will need to consider some specific features.

Where are you located? If your construction sites are near our base, then it will cost less in handling costs for our company to transport your chosen JCB 535 95 to your location.

If your sites are a long way from us, then the job of handling the machines and getting them to you will be larger and more expensive: access costs can be significant.

Similarly, consider the length of your job. Our weekly rate (vat inclusive) should be fine for most jobs, but a longer hire period can have a higher level of efficiency if you expect to need a JCB for an extended period of time on your site.

What size of JCB do you need? Different models will be suitable for different lifting needs on your site.

Consider the max lift height and lift capacity you will need, and ensure you choose a machine with a suitable lift capacity for your needs.

If your construction site has a lot of tight corners, the width of your chosen equipment will also be important!

If you have any questions about these factors or about choosing the right JCB machine for your needs, get in touch with us immediately, and we will be happy to help you pick a machine from our range of JCB telehandlers!

10m Telehandler Benefits

Hiring a telehandler has several advantages. For starters, it enables you to reach locations that would otherwise be impossible to reach with other forms of technology.

Second, it is a safer alternative to physical employment, lowering the danger of on-the-job accidents and injuries.

Finally, renting a telehandler is a cost-effective way to finish your project because you just pay for the machine (and VAT) during the rental period.

A telehandler can help with lifting productivity in the construction industry significantly, making lifting faster and easier to manage, thanks to the extendable boom of a JCB.


Whether you are looking for a small, high-visibility JCB with minimal maintenance and fuel costs or a large telehandler for heavy lifting that uses diesel fuel, we have got the perfect machine for you.

Before you start trying to lift materials, get in touch with us, and we will find the perfect lifter for your productivity in our range of vehicles!

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