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At Telehandler Hire, we provide a range of hire options for construction sites and other similar projects.

One of our most popular options is the twelve-meter telescopic handlers, designed as long-length lifting machines that can tackle varied construction site challenges.

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What is a 12m Telehandler?

A 12m telescopic handler is a specially-designed telehandler meant to move objects and materials over a huge reach distance.

The added size of the unit enables a greater lift height and range, letting the operators transport things much further.

12m Telehandler Hiring Cost

The hire cost of a telehandler like this can range from between £90 to £240 per day, depending on the telehandler unit that you choose.

While most units are suitable for most tasks, each machine may have its own ideal circumstances where it achieves superior performance over other similar telehandler machines.

Remember that VAT may also be a consideration. Some sites have price estimates with VAT and some without VAT. We stay consistent with our hire price quotes, so talk to our experts to learn more about the projected costs.

12m Telehandler Benefits

These large-scale telehandler units are the perfect machine for moving larger loads further or for loading and unloading items in a larger space. Many of them offer some core benefits over similar machines, such as:

Great Quality

Brands such as JCB have designed excellent JCB telehandler units that offer great quality and reliability. This can also include things like operator visibility and consistent performance week after week.

Parts Quality e.g. Lowered Boom Pivot

The quality of individual parts matters. Even something as simple as a well-designed lowered boom pivot on a JCB unit can make that JCB telehandler a lot safer to use, which is why brands like JCB use great parts to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

Extended Lift Height

12m telehandler units are often able to reach three or more storeys high, making them perfect for larger construction projects and storage facilities.

Faster Operating Speeds

These larger telescopic handlers can often operate at the same speed as units of a reduced size, meaning little to no overall speed reduction. This boosts productivity as a whole and prevents bottlenecks in your construction projects.

Greater Versatility

A long reach and greater max lift height give a single machine greater efficiency when tackling varied challenges, making it more versatile and, therefore, more efficient.

Greater Efficiency

Being able to reach further and higher reduces the need to move the unit or supplement it with other tools, which can save on fuel costs and enable more efficiency in a larger construction site.

Improved Stability

With the stabilisers extended, many of these units can achieve maximum performance very easily. This allows for incredible forward reach and lifting without toppling the unit over.

Useful Accessories

Most telehandlers can accept a range of accessories, including these larger-scale units. This enables a more flexible range of options without pushing the unit past its design limits.

Better Safety During Construction Projects

From visibility to emergency systems, many of the best telehandler options we can provide are designed for user protection first and foremost.

What is the capacity of a 12m telehandler?

The lifting capacity of a 12m unit can often reach around 1400kg at a minimum at full reach, but this depends on a range of factors.

For example, the weight of the front carriage and the safety stabilisers may adjust how much it can lift, and there can be enforced limits on the maximum weight capacity of different units. Factors like maximum torque and operator visibility may also limit how a unit can be used.

Using the JCB 535 125 as an example, the JCB 535 125 can lift 3500kg. The maximum reach of the JCB 535 125 is 12.28 meters, and the JCB 535 125 itself comes with safety features to protect the operator.

However, comparing the JCB 535 125 to other JCB vehicles may show that the performance of each unit is drastically different, which also changes the capacity.


If you want to know more about the telehandler hire options we can provide, contact our team today. We can guide you towards the ideal telehandler unit for your needs, offering a price quote as requested.

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