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At Telehandler Hire, we offer a range of telescopic handlers for different situations.

Our 4m range telehandler units are a great addition to any equipment fleet, allowing easy transport across all kinds of sites.

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What is a 4m Telehandler?

A 4m telehandler unit is a small, forklift-like telescopic handler that is meant for lifting loads short distances.

Boasting a high lift capacity and often featuring excellent visibility, they are meant for easy indoor use.

4m Telehandler Hire Cost

The hire cost of a small telehandler can range from around £250 – 500 per week on average, depending on the machine itself.

If you want a quick quote of the expected cost of the unit and its accessories, contact us for a detailed account breakdown of the expected hire price.

4m Telehandler Benefits

Each machine design will have its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so finding the right unit is important. These small telehandlers can offer the following:

Four Wheel Drive

Many of these units come with four-wheeled drive systems to allow for greater control and easier movement in a variety of spaces.

Lift Capacity

Different units have different capacities, but most are designed to be incredibly effective at moving heavier items and larger loads around quickly.

What is the smallest telehandler UK?

4m is usually the smallest height of a telehandler you will find, second only to a conventional forklift.

These units trade max lift height potential for being more compact and handling heavy loads very effectively in smaller spaces.

As a hire tool, they are incredibly versatile and can work very well for a range of projects where heavy equipment and supplies need to be moved around.

What is the capacity of a 4m telehandler?

Each telehandler unit is designed for different weight capacities, and this capacity can change depending on the current reach of the unit and the mounted accessories.

However, a typical 4m machine will be able to carry between 1000 and 2000kg.

Remember, this can vary quite heavily across designs, so be sure to look up the specific details of these limits before you hire a unit.

Our experts can guide you towards a unit that meets your needs best.


We can provide a wide range of high-performance telehandler units, along with their specialised accessories. We make sure to keep hire prices fair, with our team supplying quotes as needed.

If you want to know more about our hire pricing or the various designs that we can offer, feel free to contact us and ask for any specific information that you might need.

We keep a log of information about each unit and can relay anything you might need to know in a single phone conversation.

Our experts can also supply quotes, VAT included if you want an accurate estimate of the costs involved.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need guidance on which options might suit your situation (and work site needs) best.

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