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We offer a range of equipment for hire across the UK, including the 6m telehandler.

This is a highly versatile tool due to the fact it combines a great lifting capacity with compact dimensions, making it ideal for a range of environments. It can be used in congested areas as well as being the ideal tool for home renovation projects.

Our company provides the MT 625 telehandlers, which are complete with safety features to ensure the protection of all when on site.

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What is a 6m Telehandler?

We provide the MT 625 telehandler, which is renowned for its incredible performance while also offering additional forward reach when you need it the most.

Measuring 1.8m in length with forward reach and under 2m in height, this telehandler is ideal for even the smallest building sites across the UK. The ergonomic instrument panel complete with a JSM-equipped joystick, makes handling this machine incredibly easy, allowing you to seamlessly move through lower heights when required.

The MT 625 is a great tool to transport materials with its 3.3m turning radius and its maximum height of 1.92m.

The max lift height of 5.85m provides an additional forward reach when you need it the most, and the incredible 2500kg max lift capacity for weight ensures great performance every time you use it.

6m Telehandler Hire Cost

The average cost to hire the 6m telehandler is £90 per day; however, we can offer lower rates based on weekly hires if required.

Opting to hire this tool can be a great asset to your work, allowing you to transport materials and equipment around the site with ease. We offer a range of equipment for hire, and the 6m telehandler is one of the most versatile.

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6m Telehandler Benefits

The 6m telehandler is one of the most versatile tools we offer for hire because of its compact dimensions.

Despite the compact size in terms of height and width, this machine has a great max weight capacity of 2500kg, making it a versatile tool.

What is the capacity of a 6m telehandler?

With a max lift height of 5.85m, this telehandler has a max capacity of 2500kg in weight.

It is 1.81m in width and 1.92m in height


With its max height under 6m, this compact telehandler is highly versatile and available to hire.

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