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A Genie telehandler machine will often feature an advanced design, a range of load-handling options, and a solid construction.

As some of our most popular hire items, we offer a range of hire options for Genie lift systems like this.

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What is a Genie Telehandler?

Genie lift machines and telehandlers are known for belonging to a reliable brand and are able to operate well with heavy loads across a range of locations.

While some are suited to particular spaces, they are one of our most popular telescopic handler hire brands by far.

Genie Telehandler Hire Cost

The hire cost of a Genie machine can range from £70 – 100 per day or even up to £1000 or more per week.

Of course, these are just average prices. We try to create fair pricing for every one of our telehandler systems, ensuring that you can get the lift tools you need with minimal stress.

Genie Telehandler Benefits

Genie lift systems are known for being excellent construction aids, moving heavy loads well through a compact but robust frame. Some other core advantages include:

Convenient Sizes

Most Genie equipment is meant to be well-sized, allowing them to work in areas where width may become a problem for other lifting equipment.

This also doesn’t compromise their maximum height, high torque, or other features that impact where and how they can be used.

Some are even compact enough to roll through standard single doorways.

Great Performance

Genie units offer reduced noise, low fuel consumption, great lifting potential and excellent stability. This makes them an ideal transport and lifting option for a range of situations.

This great performance also means that a single person can start operating one and lift objects more effectively than an entire group of workers could, cutting down on the manpower needed to move materials effectively.

More Than Just The Lift System

While these telehandlers make for great lift equipment, they can also do more than just lift a heavy weight from one place to another.

Many are used to lift items into storage and sort large shelves, and the more compact forms could even be used in larger residential homes.

This allows a single lift telehandler to serve multiple roles within its weight capacity, making them a versatile choice for a range of different projects.


We can provide a wide range of different telehandler hire options to clients, many of which only require a driver’s license and passport to operate legally.

If you want more information on the subject of a certain unit or are looking for a hire price quote, then contact our team today to learn more about what we can offer.

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