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Whether you need to carry big objects, reach high places, or manoeuvre in tight areas, our fleet of telehandlers can help with such onerous tasks.

Our telehandlers provide exceptional versatility for a wide range of applications thanks to their telescoping boom and excellent lifting powers.

Our fleet includes a number of heavy telehandlers designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks that require high stability and a high lifting capacity.

So if you are interested in hiring a telehandler that will allow you to perform heavy-duty work in complete safety, get in touch with Telehandler Hire today, and we will help you find your ideal companion!

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What is a Heavy Lift Telehandler?

A telescopic handler, often known as a telehandler, is a hydraulic lifting equipment tool used to transport and position large items.

These have various possible attachments, and different types have different max lift height limits.

Telehandlers not only transfer things throughout a construction site, but their booms allow them to move with more precision and flexibility.

No other technology can transport thousands of pounds while being manoeuvrable. Investing in a single machine that can accomplish the job of multiple helps teams keep within the budget of a project.

Heavy lift telehandlers have a payload capacity ranging from 10 to 45 tonnes and are suited for heavy-duty activities in manufacturing, ports, construction sites, and mining.

These machines provide exceptional manoeuvrability and stability.

They have also been particularly developed to take on such onerous jobs, making them the ideal partner for individuals who require performance and dependability in tough situations.

Our Heavy Lift Telehandlers are the undisputed champions of high lift capacity.

Heavy Lift Telehandler Hire Cost

Hiring telescopic handlers does not have a single specific cost in the UK. There are many factors that can affect the cost of hiring a telescopic handler for moving large objects, including the length, width and weight of the machine, the speed with which you need to hire the telescopic handler, where in the UK you are based, and the length of time you will need to hire this versatile machine for.

Clients in the UK can reach out to us today for a free quotation. We will look at all these variables and work out how much it will cost you to hire a telescopic handler and all the attachments you need for your specific lifting job.

Heavy Lift Telehandler Benefits

Hiring a heavy lift telehandler has many benefits for users. Yes, these are large pieces of machinery with significant length, weight, and height dimensions, but the performance one of these offers for both lift height and lift capacity is not to be underestimated.

The max height of a heavy lift telehandler is often more than that of a smaller model, thanks to the large size and overall height of the vehicle.

A smaller telehandler may be able to fit into tight spaces where the width, length, or weight of a heavy-duty model might cause problems, but a larger model can reach higher.

The added width of a heavy-duty telehandler gives it greater reliability. That width and weight may reduce its driving speed, but it makes the vehicle very stable, allowing you to operate in complete safety while lifting very bulky loads.

They also allow for extreme forward reach without tipping over, letting you move bulky loads long distances with forward reach.

These large models also have low fuel consumption relative to their height and weight, keeping operating costs relatively low and allowing you to budget for just the hire cost.

What is the heaviest lifting telehandler?

The largest telescopic handler machines in the construction sector have a very high lifting capacity. These can lift a maximum of 50 tonnes to a max height of 14 metres.

This high maximum height and forward reach allows the operator to stay in complete safety while moving large loads in extreme conditions.


If you are working in sites requiring performance at height, or needing forward reach, hire a heavy lift telehandler today.

These vehicles offer stability for working at height, a high max lift height and lifting capacity, and great performance even at height.

Our fleet of telehandlers available for hire includes a wide range of different lift height options, with the largest having a max lift height of 14 metres! Get in touch today to start your hire journey.

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