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Do you work in the construction industry and require additional lift height on a project? Are you looking for high-quality machinery to improve your site’s productivity and performance?

You should look no further than Telehandler Hire for all of your telehandler needs and telehandler attachments.

As a leading supplier of telehandler equipment to numerous construction sites across the UK, we have decades of experience in the construction sector.

It does not always make sense to purchase all of the machines you will use on construction sites, and being able to hire what you need when you need it is often the most cost-effective way to use certain machines.

We create an account customers can return to repeatedly for their telehandler hire needs. If you are considering hiring a telehandler for a site or job, please contact our customer services team, who can discuss your needs for hiring any machine from our range.

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What is a JCB Telehandler?

You may have heard of a telehandler called telescopic handlers rather than the shortened version.

A Telehandler is similar to a small forklift and is a versatile machine designed to handle a range of attachments that will benefit your team on a building site.

Telehandlers can be equipped with buckets, winches, baskets, forks, and more to give you forward reach and additional height and lift.

If you are lifting heavy loads and need additional lift height or forward reach, having access to a telehandler will make the job much quicker and easier.

JCB is a well-known brand with a range of machinery already present with a standard construction fleet. So it is no surprise that the JCB model of telehandler has gained popularity quickly in the UK.

A telehandler does not only need to be used to give you extra lift height or forward reach.

Due to both factors, a telehandler is well-suited if you need to dispose of chemicals or other hazardous materials on your site.

With an enclosed cab and secure attachment, the telehandler can transport materials across or away from your site with ease. Available in various width options, you can use this machine in any situation.

If you think that a telehandler would enhance the performance of your job site, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this versatile piece of equipment and the range of uses it has on any construction site.

JCB Telehandler Hire Cost

There will be a variance in the cost of a telehandler depending on the size of the model you wish to hire. The daily hire cost will range from £150 to £300 per day plus VAT and a fee to deliver this.

The price will also be impacted by the type of attachments you wish to hire and the model.

We will deliver the machine and attachments as one complete package and transport everything to the site, collecting it when you are finished between Monday and Friday.

We can give you a full personalised quote if you contact us for more information directly.

JCB Telehandler Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using a telehandler instead of a traditional forklift. You will still have a better lift height and forward reach, with additional loading and unloading capacity. However, a telehandler is much more compact and is ideal for smaller sites and areas.

This is a vehicle that can drive both on and off-road, so you will need to factor in the cost of fuel when hiring this piece of machinery.

With a high load capacity and the ability to lift and load at height, you cannot go wrong with this piece of machinery on your site.

If you plan on lifting, cleaning, or loading items in a way that will require any level of lift height, a telehandler is the piece of machinery you need.

What is the smallest JCB telehandler?

The smallest model we offer is the JCB 516-40, which has a height of 2 metres and a load capacity of 16,000kg. With over 150 vehicles in our fleet, you can be sure we will have a model that meets your height and width requirements.

What is the road speed of a JCB telehandler?

The maximum road speed of a JCB telehandler will depend on the model you choose; the average max speed ranges from 20 to 50 mph.

When considering the maximum speed, you should consider the terrain the vehicle will be travelling on and the type of fuel you need.

We deliver all of our telehandlers to your site to avoid you needing to drive them on public roads.

What is the towing capacity of a JCB telehandler?

The towing capacity will depend on which model you hire; the towing attachment will show the capacity on the arm.

The towing capacity will generally not exceed 3,000KG, although we recommend checking the specifications before use.


Hiring telescopic handlers from us will improve your lifting ability on a construction site or when working in warehousing.

You will get additional lift height and forward reach while having a covered cab to protect staff. We have machinery with various width sizes to suit any circumstances.

If you want more information, please contact us between Monday and Friday to see how we can help you.

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