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At Telehandler Hire, we can offer a range of Merlo telehandlers for any business that needs them.

Our team can provide flexible service and accessible hire options, giving you both new and used equipment that offer flexible solutions to various logistical problems.

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What is a Merlo Telehandler?

Merlo is a brand of equipment that offers excellent quality, with its telehandlers being some of the best in the telehandler market.

Whether a telehandler is marked under the Merlo name or one of its partner companies, the quality makes them worth seeking out.

We hire out a range of telehandler units, saving on the cost of outright machine ownership while providing our customers with uniquely equipped Merlo units.

Our complete nationwide reach ensures that we can provide some of the best tools for any logistical situation, offering them to any business across the UK.

Merlo Telehandler Hire Cost

The cost of hiring a telehandler unit can vary heavily, often between £90 – 400 per week, depending on the unit and telehandler requirements.

This contract hire cost can vary based on things like contract hire length, the type of unit, and whether or not it is pre-owned.

Contact us and talk to our specialists if you want to learn more about our pricing and get a free quote.

We try to minimize un expected costs in the hiring of heavy lift telehandlers and will always aim for highly competitive hire pricing on every machine we offer.

Merlo Telehandler Benefits

Whether they were previously part of the largest specialist fleet in the UK or are simply ex-demo machine sales, Merlo telehandlers are known for being great reliable options.

Greenwood hire fleet vehicles like telehandlers are high-quality, easy to use, and suit a wide range of practical applications.

Great Max Lift Height and Range

Merlo units are built for the ideal max height and range for each design, all while sticking to a max height that the unit can actually support.

This means a higher average max height compared to units from similar brands but without an increased chance of technical issues.


This higher max lift height also means that the units are more versatile.

Our contract hire specialist team can recommend Merlo units in more situations since the higher average max lift height allows them to work well in more situations.

High Quality and Durability

Merlo machines are ideal for a range of UK industries, such as the construction and agricultural markets.

They can help a company grow year after year without needing constant repairs and replacements.

Long-Term Use

For example, Greenwood Hire and the overall Greenwood Group (as well as partner companies – JEG Plant LTD, etc.) are the single largest consumer of Merlo units.

Example: The Greenwood Hire Fleet

Some businesses, such as Green Handlers UK and Greenwood, bought a huge amount of them to use them as a major part of their equipment line.

This is because, like many companies, Green Handlers UK and J&E Greenwood Hire do not have to replace the units as often as with other brands.

Our Hire Options

Our contract hire specialist team understand that each company needs something different and will work with each small business or UK LTD company to provide the best hire options possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Merlo telehandlers?

Merlo telehandlers are made by the Merlo group, a family-run organisation based in Italy.

What is the best telehandler in the UK?

While there is no single best telehandler on the market, Merlo designs are known for being some of the best.

Where are Merlos made?

Merlo equipment is produced in Italy, with the company making their first telehandler there decades ago.

What is the smallest Merlo telehandler?

The smallest unit in the Merlo telehandler family is the P27.6, a compact unit that’s designed for simple operation while still boasting a great max lift height.

What engines does Merlo use?

Merlo machines use a range of engines, which are detailed on the product pages.

This can be important for the construction industry since certain engines are better at tackling particular challenges.


If you are looking for a source of reliable telehandlers that can boast great max lift height and range without being too heavy for your needs, then our experts can provide the right tools for the job.

Contact us today if you want to know more about our pricing, hire options, or the fleet of vehicles that we can offer to customers of any size.

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