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We are a specialist Telehandler Hire company in Manchester who have a huge selection of unique telehandlers available throughout the UK.

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If you are working on moving materials around a building site, then a telehandler, or telescopic handler, is one of the most important pieces of equipment available from any plant hire firm in the construction industry in May 2022.

We offer a wide range of different sizes and models of telehandler plant hire in Manchester at affordable prices with efficient delivery times. But what is a telehandler, and how should you choose the right one to be ideally suited to your project? Read on below to find out more about hiring this type of site equipment!


We offer a number of great telehandlers for hire in Manchester and are more than happy in assisting you on anything you need more information on.

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What is a Telehandler?

A telehandler, or telescopic handler, also known as a special type of boom lift or a forklift, is the name for a family of machines with a boom arm at the front that can extend forwards and upwards from the front of the vehicle.

Telescopic handlers can be fitted with various attachments, such as buckets, forks, winches, or even baskets. These are some of the latest machines to be added to many fleets, with popular brands of telescopic handlers, including the iconic yellow JCB telehandler, which many people in Manchester are now aware of. Telehandlers are ideally suited to deal with a wide range of challenges across the construction industry, from lifting heavy materials for construction or disposing of hazardous waste products.

Telehandlers range in size from 4 meters full reach to an impressive 46 meters, making them some of the largest equipment options in the construction industry. No matter the size, all telehandler machine options feature full four-wheel-drive construction!

Industrial telehandlers are available from our plant hire centre locations across the UK, and all of our telescopic handler models feature four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, known as 4 x 4 x 4. If you are interested in hiring a telescopic handler of any type, feel free to get in touch and start making inquiries about our full range of options available to hire in your area!

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Telescopic Handlers We Offer in Manchester

We have a wide range of different machines available to hire in Greater Manchester, from the popular JCB telehandler to less well known long reach machinery. No matter what your job is, from house building to industrial waste disposal, we offer a suitable plant hire service for even the largest of heavy loads.

There are two main types of telehandler machines that we offer on our website. These are fixed cab telehandler vehicles and rotating cab telehandlers. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, with the fixed cab telehandler being able to lift a higher max wait in full safety and the rotating cab telehandler being more flexible and better used as a crane for most sites.

Our company fleet of machinery includes a wide range of different sizes of telehandlers available to hire, from a small 4-metre telehandler to much larger telehandlers. You can also choose from a wide range of different accessories in Manchester that can be attached to any telehandler you hire. Our largest telehandlers offer a max loads capacity of over 200 kg at full reach and over 4,000 kg max load at max lift height (with stabilisers attached).

You can hire a telehandler for as long as you need, from a few hours to set up a sign to a few weeks for major building works – the biggest difference will be in the size of the deposit and overall costs for hiring the lift.

Check our company website to see our full range of products, their max capacities, and the selection of attachments and accessories available for customers with next day delivery!

Picking the Right Telehandler to Tackle a Building Site Head-on

Whether you need a machine to protect your team from hazardous materials, or something to lift heavy loads for hours at a time during house building, a telehandler is one of the best lift tool options you can hire.

However, there are many different types, with different max lift height and max weight capacity. All of our telehandler hire options offer excellent loader performance, but to get the best results and superior performance, you will need to choose the right model of telehandler for your job. Let us take a look at some of the things you need to consider.

Max Lift Height in Greater Manchester

One of the most important considerations is the max lift height of your telehandler. If you hire a smaller model, it may be cheaper than a larger tool, but a lower max lift height means that you might not be able to reach the highest areas of your project.

If you are building a bungalow, then that should be fine, but taller projects will require a higher max lift height. The max lift height of each model should be the first thing you check when you try to choose a telehandler for your project! It is different from the overall length, so keep an eye on that.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Telehandler?

The costs of telehandler service can vary significantly, mostly based on the size of the equipment. A shorter telehandler will cost you around £150 per day for hire, plus delivery fees, while a larger long reach model will cost significantly more – expect to pay up to around £300 per day.

Additional attachments will cost more for most customers, but the complete package is still relatively affordable. Once you have set up an account, you will have access to all of our hire services. Our services deliver to sites across the country (assuming there is appropriate safety and access for large tools like these).

At Telehandler Hire, we can assist you on the best specifications, costs and prices. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great Telehandler Hire services in Manchester Greater Manchester.

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How Much Can a Manitou Lift?

Manitou telehandlers come in several different sizes; there is no one answer for what services can be provided by a Manitou, and each model has different specifications, from arm length to max lifting capacity.

Small models of Manitou can lift around 2000 KG max, while larger Manitou models can lift as much as 4000 KG max. The amount that can be lifted by this type of plant will also depend on the extension length; a longer reach leads to a lower max capacity, as the stability of the tool decreases while the length increases!

Do You Need a Lift Plan For a Telehandler?

In short, yes. Any sort of construction lifting requires a lift plan overseen by a competent person, and telehandler lifting is no exception. Regardless of the overall length of your telehandler, you will need to put together a lift plan before you use it on site.

What Weight Can a Telehandler Lift for House Building Site Work?

The weight that can be lifted by a telescopic handler depends on the overall length of the machine. Smaller telehandlers in Manchester can lift less, while larger ones can lift more. The largest models of telehandlers can lift as much as 4,000 KG!

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Available Telehanders We Offer

We have a range of telehandlers available from our supported brands with who we work very closely. After having worked in the industry for dozens of years, we have built up good relationships to allow us to offer some of the best prices for all of the available telehandlers which include platform capacity, platform height and engine power:

JCB Telehandler Models We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
JCB 516-40 1,600kg 4.0m 19kW
JCB 520-40 2,000kg 4.0m 19kW
JCB 525-60 2,500kg 6.0m 55kW
JCB 525-60E 2,500kg 6.0m 24kWh
JCB 531-70 3,100kg 7.0m 81kW
JCB 533-105 3,300kg 10.22m 81kW
JCB 535-95 3,500kg 9.5m 81kW
JCB 535-125 3,500kg 12.28m 81kW
JCB 540-140 4,000kg 13.78m 81kW
JCB 540-170 4,000kg 16.7m 81kW
JCB 540-180 4,000kg 17.51m 81kW
JCB 540-200 4,000kg 20m 81kW
JCB 541-70 4,100kg 7.0m 81kW
JCB 516-40 1,600kg 4m 24hp
JCB 520-40 2,000kg 4m 24hp
JCB 525-60 2,500kg 6m 74hp
JCB 560-80 6000kg 7.9m 97kW

Manitou Telehandler Models We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Manitou MHT 12330 33,000kg 11.92m 180kW
Manitou MT 420 2,000kg 4.35m 42kW
Manitou MT 625 2,500kg 5.85m 55.40kW
Manitou MT 730 3,000kg 6.9m 54.60kW
Manitou MT 733 3,300kg 6.9m 55.40kW
Manitou MT 930 3,000kg 8.85m 54.60kW
Manitou MT 933 3,300kg 9.07m 55kW
Manitou MT 1033 3,300kg 9.98m 55.40kW
Manitou MT 1135 3,500kg 11.05m 75kW
Manitou MT 1335 3,500kg 12.55m 75kW
Manitou MT 1440 4,000kg 13.53m 75kW
Manitou MT 1840 4,000kg 17.55m 75kW

Merlo Telehandlers We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Merlo P27.6 2721kg 5.8m 55kW
Merlo TF30.9 2993kg 8.5m 85kW
Merlo TF38.10 3810kg 9.4m 100kW
Merlo TF42.7 4173kg 7.1m 100kW
Merlo TF50.8 4989kg 7.7m 125kW
Merlo MF34.7 3401kg 6.8m 100kW
Merlo MF40.9 3991kg 8.7m 125kW
Merlo P50.18 4989kg 17.9m 125kW
Merlo P65.14 6531kg 9.0m 125kW
Merlo P72.10 7166kg 9.5m 75kW
Merlo P120.10 12020kg 9.7m 125kW
Merlo P35.11 3492kg 10.9m 55kW
Merlo P40.13 3991kg 12.4m 55kW
Merlo P40.17 3991kg 16.5m 55kW
Merlo Roto 40.18 3991kg 17.6m 90kW
Merlo Roto 50.21 4989kg 21m 55kW
Merlo Roto 70.24 6985kg 20.4m 125kW
Merlo Roto 50.26 4989kg 22.8m 55kW
Merlo Roto 50.30 4989kg 29.3m 125kW
Merlo Roto 70.28 6985kg 28m 125kW
Merlo Roto 50.35 4989kg 27m 125kW

Genie Telehandlers We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Genie GTH-5519 2,495kg 5.74m 55.4kW
Genie GTH-636 2,722kg 10.97m 55.2kW
Genie GTH-844 3,629kg 13.4m 73.8kW
Genie GTH-1056 4,536kg 17.25m 55kW
Genie GTH-1256 5,450kg 17.07m 99kW
Genie GTH-1544 6,804kg 13.41m 115kW

JLG Telehandlers We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
JLG G5-18A 2500kg 5.59m 55kW
JLG 742 3,175kg 12.8m 55kW
JLG 943 4080kg 13.11m 83kW
JLG 1043 4,535kg 13.11m 83kW
JLG 1055 4535kg 16.76m 96kW
JLG 1075 4535kg 22.86m 119kW
JLG 1255 5443kg 16.76m 97kW
JLG 1644 7098kg 13.28m 100kW
JLG 1732 7599kg 16.76m 100kW
JLG 2733 12,065kg 10.08m 119kW

Magni Telehandlers We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Magni RTH 4.18 4,000kg 17.56m 55kW
Magni RTH 5.18 4,999kg 17.56m 100kW
Magni RTH 5.21 4,999kg 20.70m 100kW
Magni RTH 5.23 4,999kg 22.80m 100kW
Magni RTH 5.25 4,999kg 24.60m 100kW
Magni RTH 6.21 6,000kg 20.80m 100kW
Magni RTH 6.23 6,000kg 23.30m 100kW
Magni RTH 6.25 6,000kg 25.00m 100kW
Magni RTH 7.26 7,000kg 25.70m 160kW
Magni RTH 6.30 6,000kg 29.90m 160kW
Magni RTH 6.35 6,000kg 34.70m 160kW
Magni RTH 6.39 6,000kg 38.90m 17kW
Magni RTH 6.46 6,000kg 45.64m 175kW
Magni RTH 6.51 6,000kg 51.00m 175kW
Magni RTH 8.25 8,000kg 24.90m 175kW
Magni RTH 13.26 13,000kg 26.20m 175kW
Magni HTH 10.10 10,000kg 9.52m 100kW
Magni HTH 16.10 16,000kg 9.50m 160kW
Magni HTH 20.10 19,999kg 9.80m 160kW
Magni HTH 24.11 24,000kg 10.50m 175kW
Magni HTH 27.11 27,000kg 10.85m 175kW
Magni HTH 30.12 30,000kg 11.72m 235kW
Magni HTH 35.12 35,000kg 11.72m 235kW
Magni HTH 50.14 50,000kg 14.00m 235kW
Magni TH 6.20 6,000kg 19.20m 100kW
Magni TH 5.24 4,999kg 23.90m 100kW
Magni Ricklift 13 500kg 11.00m 45kW
Magni Ricklift 15 800kg 12.95m 75kW
Magni Ricklift 18 800kg 15.93m 75kW

Dieci Telehandler We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.7 3000kg 6.35m 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.9 3000kg 8.70m 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 32.9 3200kg 8.70m 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 34.7 3400kg 6.35m 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Max 50.8 5000kg 7.70m 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 60.9 6000kg 8.60m 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 65.8 6500kg 7.70m 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 75.10 7500kg 9.65m 114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 40.10 4000kg 9.60m 114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 4200kg 7.20m 114kW
Dieci Agri Star 37.7 3700kg 6.80m 100kW
Dieci Agri Star 38.10 3800kg 9.6m 100kW
Dieci Agri Star 40.8 4000kg 7.70m 100kW
Dieci Mini Agri 20.4 2000kg 4.35m 37kW
Dieci Mini Agri 26.6 2600kg 5.68m 55kW
Dieci Apollo 20.4 Smart 2000kg 4.35m 37kW
Dieci Apollo 26.6 2600kg 5.68m 55kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.7 GD 3000kg 6.35m 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.9 GD 3000kg 8.7m 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 32.9 GD 3200kg 8.7m 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 34.7 GD 3400kg 6.35m 55.4kW
Dieci Hercules 100.10 10000kg 9.5m 128kW
Dieci Hercules 130.10 13000kg 9.5m 128kW
Dieci Hercules 190.10 19000kg 10.2m 128kW
Dieci Hercules 210.10 21000kg 10.2m 128kW
Dieci Hercules 230.10 23000kg 10.15m 128kW
Dieci Icarus 40.14 GD 4000kg 13.4m 85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 40.17 GD 4000kg 16.4m 85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 50.18 GD 5000kg 17.8m 85.1kW
Dieci Samson 50.8 Vs Evo2 GD 5000kg 7.7m 128kW
Dieci Samson 60.9 Vs Evo2 GD 6000kg 8.6m 128kW
Dieci Samson 65.8 Vs Evo2 GD 6500kg 7.7m 128kW
Dieci Samson 75.10 GD 7500kg 9.65m 114kW
Dieci Zeus 35.11 GD 3500kg 10.6m 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 38.10 GD 3800kg 9.6m 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.13 GD 4000kg 12.5m 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.8 GD 4000kg 7.6m 54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T60 2250kg 4.7m 54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T70 3000kg 5.2m 85.9kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T80 3500kg 5.2m 107kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T90 4100kg 5.7m 114kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.16 4000kg 15.70m 85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.18 4000kg 18.00m 85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 45.30 4500kg 29.6m 127kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.25 5000kg 24.10m 100kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.26 5000kg 25.7m 127kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.16 6000kg 16.20m 100kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.21 6000kg 20.50m 100kW

Bobcat Telehandlers We Offer in Manchester

Model Capacity Height Engine
Bobcat TL26.60 2600kg 5.8m 75kW
Bobcat TL30.60 3000kg 5.8m 75kW
Bobcat TL35.70 3500kg 6.8m 75kW
Bobcat TL35.105 3500kg 10.2m 75kW
Bobcat T35.105L 3500kg 10.2m 75kW
Bobcat T36.120SL 3600kg 11.8m 75kW
Bobcat T35.130S 3500kg 12.4m 75kW
Bobcat T35.130SLP 3500kg 12.4m 75kW
Bobcat T35.140S 3500kg 13.6m 75kW
Bobcat T41.140SLP 4100kg 13.6m 75kW
Bobcat T40.180SLP 4000kg 17.4m 75kW
Bobcat TL34.65HF 3400kg 6.3m 97kW
Bobcat TL38.70HF 3500kg 6.9m 97kW
Bobcat TL43.80HF 4300kg 7.5m 97kW
Bobcat TR40.180 Rotary 4,000kg 17.6m 55kW
Bobcat TR50.180 Rotary 4,999kg 17.6m 100kW
Bobcat TR50.210 Rotary 4,999kg 20.5m 100kW
Bobcat TR50.250 Rotary 4,999kg 24.6m 100kW
Bobcat TR60.210 Rotary 6,000kg 20.8m 100kW
Bobcat TR60.250 Rotary 6,000kg 25m 100kW
Bobcat TR70.260 Rotary 7,000kg 25.7m 160kW
Bobcat TR60.300 Rotary 6,000kg 29.8m 160kW
Bobcat TR60.350 Rotary 6,000kg 34.9m 175kW
Bobcat TR60.390 Rotary 6,000kg 38.9m 175kW

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